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Luoyang Dingming Optical Technology Co.,Ltd is a Chinese material supplier, providing optoelectronics and semiconductor substrate products since Y2012. We pride ourselves on being a speedy and cost-effective supplier in world's wafer(substrate) market. Thanks to increasing demand for speedy fabrication in substrate products for semiconductor, optoelectronic, MEMS and other applications, we are greatly expanding our exporting sales in optical element, laser lens, high-accuracy large-caliber optical element. Nowadays, we provide all kinds of materials, such as Si, Ge, ZnSe, ZnS, CaF, BaF, MgF, GaAs, Quratz glass, Sapphire, YAG Crystal, Optical glass and other infrared optical materials.

We persist in high-quality and quick feedback for our customers. We carry out high-efficient and strict QoC on every procedure. After several years stable development, Luoyang DingMing optoelectronics Co., Ltd., has built a long-term good cooperation with customers for over 20 countries and regions, e.g. USA, Japan, Korea etc.

Our products , competitive price, good quality, delivery on time, providing perfect after-sales service, to provide customers with professional customized products of parameter. We will supply you with best solution.



 Luoyang Dingming Optical Technology Co.,Ltd.

Address:#1127,Chanjian  Road,Xigong District,Luoyang,China 





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